The Danny Welbeck Signing; Taking Stock.

Morning, folks.

As I ordinarily do, I’m writing this the night before publication. Quite why I feel the need to inform you of a regularity is beyond me, but I’ve started typing and can’t be arsed to go back and begin afresh.

Pointless opening.

Start again.

Morning, folks!

I watched the England game last night. I was not impressed. International friendlies are comfortably the most pointless creation the human race has ever masterminded. They serve little purpose other than to ensure we watch through eyes squinted and with gritted teeth in the fear one of our players will be scythed in half by an overly eager opponent. The games tend to be about as entertaining as walking into a police station and loudly exclaiming, “There’s 200oz of heroin in my bottom, who wants to look first?!”. In short; they suck, and they suck enormously. 

The reason I persevered, as I’m sure many of you also did, was to watch Danny Welbeck play from a completely different perspective. My initial feeling was one of mild approval when the deal was announed. I’m hard pressed to say why exactly, perhaps it came as such a surprise I was unable to form any other opinion. Having had a couple of days to percolate and cast aside my initial feeling of being underwhelmed, I’ve warmed to the idea quite considerably.

Many people have likened Welbeck’s arrival to Daniel Sturridge’s transfer to Liverpool. Whilst I don’t wish to compare the two players, I’d like to think the similarities between each transfer has an element of truth. Before he moved to Merseyside, I didn’t think much of Sturridge. He had pace and ability, but had never really showed it. At Liverpool he has blossomed into a formidable striker. Why? Becuase the two suit one another and because someone saw fit to give him the chance to start regularly in his favoured position.

I hope that will be the case with Welbeck. He obviously has strength, pace and ability, but wasn’t afforded a sustained run the in the team at Manchester United in which to cement his role. His goals to games ratio may not be incandescent, but when you take into account the frequency he was played in a wide left role, it is far from shameful.

Perhaps the marriage of his physical attributes and team ethic with Arsene Wenger’s football philosophy will pay great dividends. The plethora of cunning bastards we posses within our ranks in central midfield should certainly ensure a slew of chances come his way. Welbeck has an eye for goal and a decent enough finishing ability, unquestionably far from the finished article but with no small measure of potential to work with. Having initially thought to pour scorn across the acquisition, but my feelings have veered towards expectation – it goes to show just how wise it is to avoid those pesky knee-jerk reactions.

Given his preferred attacking role of a central position – the main striker – Welbeck could prove a very shrewd move buy the Boss. He could even usurp Giroud from the side if the chips fall into place during the Frenchman’s absence. Anything is possible, as is abject failure. None of us can possibly know what the coming months have to offer in that respect.

Me – I like to see the good, the possibilities. Danny Welbeck might not have been the name any of us wanted/expected to bolster the forward line, but sometimes in life the best things in life come from the places you least expect them. Shelling out a grotesque fee of players doesn’t guarantee success, you need only look at Fernando Torres as an example.

The small cameo Welbeck made in last night’s unbelievably sh*t-awful game showcased, albeit briefly, that he’ll be a handful to defenders and a willing worker. He has strength and pace and he’s good in the air. I’m hoping to see good things from him. I see no reason to be disheartened.

So, folks, what are your thoughts? Pleased with the signing now the hullabaloo has died down and we can take stock away from the baying masses? Or do you still have your doubts? I’d be interested to hear/read both sides of the argument so fire some words my way in the comments section.

For now, I must leave you as it’s getting late and I want to get some much-needed beauty sleep (Hogwash – I don’t need any. I’m glorious… Why am I arguing with myself? Shut up James. No, you shut up).

I shall return with more bits ‘n’ bobs for your delectation tomorrow.

Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

11 thoughts on “The Danny Welbeck Signing; Taking Stock.”

  1. I sat waiting Monday night feeling low at Wenger doing the bis in Rome then jumped up when I heard about welbeck then sat down again saying why am I excited but tried for the first time to dissect welbeck in the same position as giroud ,he’s sharper quicker defo pacier brave as is giroud but there is an extra yard in him and he has always had a crush on arsenal like who hasn’t I’m looking forward to seeing him and your right about last night I would never watch England in friendly sits boring but I could see what a certain striker who played could do for us falcao £340k a week what a joke that would have been welbeck and fabregas that could have been good .

  2. Quite a few united supporters are gloating that we have their leftovers. A striker is only as good as the service he gets from his team mates. That is not there at MU at the moment and is there at AFC. MU have bought quality is the 1 place were they already had it. We have a gained player who is desperate to show that he has what it takes. He is not some ready made guy who thinks they don’t need to put the effort in. It is a risk but not a £50m one. Overall, I agree with the Armchair Gooner, I am looking forward to see what happens

  3. Very, very well written article
    The only problem is that it is positive, you should know only NEGATIVE articles get written about Arsenal.
    Everything you have written I agree with
    Like me you are old enough to remember one Thiery Henri, when he joined, most said who the f**k is he, what is Wenger doing some French failure from Italy ?
    I am not saying Welbeck is Henri incarnate, but let`s start by not getting on his back before he`s joined
    Our middle field is made for someone like Welbeck and whencombined with Walcot and Sanchez, Ozil must be drooling in his cornflakes, some one with pace to open the opposition

  4. I think that he will be a very good signing. He will finally get a chance in the middle and with 25% finishing rate and roughly 50% of his shots on target, while playing a majority of times from the left suggest that. Those numbers are much better than Giroud. He is also a tireless worker which is similar to Sanchez, so the pressing game from the front will continue as well. That speed and physicality will create chances for others too and that is the type of striker that we need. It will also give Sanchez time to adapt before he also leads the line.

  5. I actually really quite positive about Welbeck. He looked a handful when he came on into a central position last night. Great movement, decent first touch, quick and strong… dare I say it, he actually looks stronger than Giroud with his back to goal. Giroud is often off balance with his back to goal and often loses possession quite cheaply in situations where he should be able to shield the ball.

    Also worth noting that whilst his goal scoring record at United has been fairly poor. Last season, in 13 games played as the CF for United he scored 8 and assisted 5. With his movement and our midfield he’ll get chances.. a bit of confidence and who knows…. He’s certainly got all the same attributes as a certain bloke from Togo has that once scored 30 in a season for us! We can’t get too excited about him yet but there’s definitely positives

    1. @goonerjay: I agree. Way, way too early to tell how things will pan out, but there’s no reason to be down on the signing. Regarding Adebayor; there are similarities between the two. Mercifully, Welbeck has a far better attitude and ethic towards the team.

      1. Unlike Adebayor he doesn’t have the first touch of a trampoline either.Hopefully has a better understanding of the offside rule too!

        Also, the blog is a good read James. well balanced with some decent humour… like le-grove without the depressing negativity. Keep it up

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