The New Puma Arsenal Away Kit And Cheerio, Nicklas Bendtner.

Going, going, gone.

Morning, folks.

I shall make today’s entry swift as I must soon depart for the horrors of work. I’d rather stay here and spend the day writing to you and allowing my fingers to dance throughout the Internet, but alas I cannot. Financial gain is calling.

Thankfully, there isn’t a whole lot to talk about. Arsenal have had a bit of a clear out and started to release players, the most notable amongst those is Nicklas Bendtner. Whilst he showed the odd moment last season, on the whole he lolloped around, ate yoghurts in the park and tried his best to have have sex with a parked taxi. The trouble with Nicklas has always been his inability to stay out of the news for the wrong reasons – what he does off the pitch invariably overshadows what he does on it. 

A release is best for all parties oncerned. Nicklas can find himself a Club and start afresh and Arsenal don’t have to pay out his wages anymore – wages that can now be put to far better use.

That’s the main news of the day. I could mention the utter madness that is David Luiz’s £50m move from Chelsea to PSG, but I don’t especially feel that requires an in depth view. It’s bonkers and that’s about all there is to it.

Instead, I’ll finish with this picture someone sent to my E-mail this morning. I don’t tend to be very good at keeping up with what’s going on, so this might not be an exclusive (I’m sure it isn’t) but I thought it was worth sharing.

This is what Puma’s away kit for next season could look like:

Arsenal away?

I like that. Traditional yellow all the way for me.

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That’s all for today, folks. The questions I’ll leave you with are these: What do you feel was Bendtner’s greatest moment in an Arsenal shirt, and what are your thoughts on the picture of what might be our new away kit? Let me know in the comments below.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

9 thoughts on “The New Puma Arsenal Away Kit And Cheerio, Nicklas Bendtner.”

  1. Bendters greatest moment in an arsenal shirt will be the one where he’s waving byebye whilst begging for one more chance, coz he’ll be lucky to ever play anywhere again if any other teams have any sense.

  2. Be fair, Whenever Benders was on the pitch he was more of a threat than chamack, sonogo or whoever the other options where, he came on a did a job, he was committed when playing and always tried his best.

    Off the pitch he was an idiot, He though he was a big shot but, when being paid £52,000 a week, you are entitled to think your A BIG SHOT! The only fault that is, is Arsenals and the whole football world for paying ppl such stupid salaries.

    For me he wasnt a great player but possibly could have been, he needed more game time and more guidance off the pitch, his goal against the scum will always be my best memory of him.

    Good luck Nik, wish him all the best, he did a service to us no matter what others say

    1. That 95th miniute winner against wolves,magical.09/10 season.supporting a team means cheerin evry guy dat puts on the shirt,cos its not about the guy wearing the shirt,its about the shirt the guy is wearing.

  3. I think it was against Burnley at the Emirates, he had already missed 7 of the easiest chances I’d ever seen and while on the ground in the 6 yard box, he deflected a goal bound shot wide. Just about summed his career at Arsenal up.

  4. Comming on against Sp*rs for a corner when they just missed a penalty and scoring a header with his first touch was magical!

  5. The £52k a week he was paid didn’t turn him into a moron, DB; he was always that way. Confidence in your own ability is an admirable quality, but even as a teenager he thought he was the best striker at the club. He’s deluded, and clearly never grew up. Such arrogance and bad judgement are personality traits, that he has consistently displayed both on and off the pitch, throughout his career.
    Pennant, Bentley, Bendtner… All lacking in intelligence and maturity, and all completely screwed up promising careers.

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