Theo to sign new deal, Hoilett, Wrighty, Fabianski and… errrr… chips.

What a wonderful suggestion…

Yesterday I had a brainwave. One of those brainwaves that turns out to be a fairly idiotic idea. I decided I would ask my Twitter followers to chose a topic, and I’d blog about the first one I got. As my followers comprise of mainly Arsenal fans, I expected such things as; transfers, Robin van Persie, the team’s chances for next season. No such luck, I have to write about chips. I’m a man of my word, so chips it is..  (Thank you, @TashaEverall)

As a young man, I embarked on a love-hate relationship with chips. Of course, I loved nothing more than the satisfying crunch of the golden crust, followed by the soothing warmth of the fluffy potato interior. But the fuckers gave me chronic acne. My formative years where filled with barren periods of emptiness – a chip-free landscape with a twinkle of hope, playfully glinting on the horizon. However, once my 20s came, and those pesky spots where a thing of the past, I could once again gorge myself into oblivion with chips. Oh sweet chips, your return was like the welcoming embrace of a loved one, or the mischievous grope of a stranger in the night. How I missed you during those times…

This is assuming Tasha meant potato chips. She could have meant the kind of pass Alex Song has made his own. Or these CHIPs:

By now, I fear my blathering might be attracting the kind of rage that could see the bloggers equivalent to Armageddon break out, so I’ll be quick with the Arsenal related stuff. Calm down, folks…

The main news surrounds Theo and the rumblings of him being on the verge of penning a new deal. Without knowing any of the actual details, a wide variety of usually reliable folks seem convinced he’ll be putting pen to paper. Good news, and given the bromance between him and Robin, hopefully another reason for the Dutchman to stay here – to keep an eye on little Theo.

The rest is mainly just tid-bits. When this time of year comes around, there are slim pickings out there. Fabianksi is rumoured to be off to newly-promoted West Ham, Wrighty gave an interview in which he states Arsenal can win the league with the correct additions made, and lastly today, Junior Hoilett of Blackburn will be headed our way in the next week or so.

I thought I’d finish up today with a poll that’ll judge just how positive/negative you lovely folks are regarding Robin’s future at the club. The options are simple, vote below:

Thanks for reading today, you beautiful bastards. Take a moment to comment with your views on chips, or just to abuse me for wasting your time and being idiotic…

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18 thoughts on “Theo to sign new deal, Hoilett, Wrighty, Fabianski and… errrr… chips.”

  1. Is this how low I stooped, waisting my time reading this dung. This sort of blog is a wank stain on the duvet of life.

  2. Come on now how many wingers do we need! Wenger buys bundles of them and then uses CAM’S on the wings as well!

  3. Maybe these players that keep buggering off have heard there are better chips than those on offer in nth London…I must say in my one visit to arsenal I was less than impressed by the soggy chips I got with my pub meal

  4. @Cupsui
    There is an excellent chip shop on the corner near Highbury – at the bottom of Hghibury Hill.

    Oh sh*t what am I doing, RvP might be leaving, all the stars appear to be going to other clubs, Arsenal are all over the place and I am writing about CHIPS!!

  5. Hummmmmm
    A very different read to your normal, but hey , as you said , you were open to suggestions , & the only thing I was slighty dissappointed with was you didn’t let on , weather you was a salt & vinegar man , ketchup or mayo ??? , but otherwise fella , keep up the good word.

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