Tiny Italian fowards, Rosicky stays and the interminable wait for football.

“But pleeeaaaseee, I can’t wait until Monday”

Morning, folks.

News, news, news. There’s not a lot of news. I really don’t like Arsenal playing on a Monday. The extra little bit of rest afforded to the players is without doubt beneficial, but knowing the weekend will be filled with football action that doesn’t involve Arsenal bothers me. It feels like that moment as a child when you wake up on the 24th of December and think it’s Christmas Day, only be told you have to wait a little bit longer. Kinda…

As you might imagine, with time to kill, most fans and journalists have taken to conjuring tales of potential acquisitions. The latest name to be added to that little is diminutive winger/playmaker Sebastian Giovinco of Juventus. He’s another very good example of my limited knowledge of European football. The most striking piece of information I’ve gleaned in my research thus far is that he’s little – 5″5 little. Currently he has only made 2 starts for Juventus and is thought to be available for either a loan of a permanent move.

He’s pacey and tricky, but I’m sure I’m not the first to have slight doubts about how he’d do in the rough and tumble world of England’s top flight. Perhaps he’d be a success. Santi Cazorla is about the same size and I’ve yet to see him intimidated by anyone. The only positions in Arsenal’s line-up that require and sort of physical stature are the 2 central defensive places and the lone striker. Other than those 3, we’re not famous for having hulking brutes patrolling – not recently, anyway.

With the deal for Alvaro Morata looking absolutely dead in the water since Real Madrid denied flat-out he’d be allowed to leave, or indeed wanted to leave in the first place; Giovinco is the kind of signing I imagine Arsene will go after – someone short on game time and with a point to prove. The boss himself has stated that Walcott’s injury changed his plans for the window, so I do expect something to happen. What that something might be is a mystery to all of us.

Finally today, we have some good news. As I’m typing all this, Arsene Wenger’s press conference is taking place and a few of the quotes are starting to find their way online. Fans of Tomas Rosicky – me included – will take great heart from hearing that our manager very much expects Tomas to stay on.

Although there has been no confirmation of a new deal being offered to the player, or any quotes attributed to the player himself; Arsene did have these oh-so encouraging words to say when quizzed by journalists:

“He will stay here. He’s a marvellous player – a typical Arsenal player.” 

Excellent news. Rosicky’s contribution on the pitch this season hardly needs to be mentioned. His effort and enthusiasm has been brilliant. What I think isn’t necessarily considered is the positive effect his presence can have on the younger players around him. He’s a role model to some, and those that saw the friendly arm he put around Serge Gnabry’s shoulder during the 2-0 win over Spurs can see he’s taken to that role. For all parties concerned, it’s great news if he does stay.

That’s all from me today folks. Tomorrow I have the wonderful business of recording The Goonersphere Podcast to attend to, but I shall make sure that I allot a little time for my daily blog. Until then, drop some of your thoughts down in the comments section.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

4 thoughts on “Tiny Italian fowards, Rosicky stays and the interminable wait for football.”

  1. Hi, Jam-es! (Yes, it’s a lame one.)

    Giovinco is also known as The Atomic Ant. My friend who is a die-hard Juventino hates him and thinks he is an over-rated player. I’ve watched him and frankly he is yet to impress me.

    So, I’d say no to Giovinco and ask for Vučinić instead.

    1. …you’d have had £2?

      Fictional interview with you:

      “Favourite movie?
      -Space Jam.

      Favourite band?
      -Pearl Jam and Jamiroquai.

      Favourite song?
      -Pump up the jam.

      If you were signed by Wenger, he would say:
      -I think we got a real jam.

      The one thing you hate the most?
      -When I stuck in the jam on Saturday night.”

      Anyway, back to serious things – do you think there is at least a slight possibility that Luis Suarez will bite Ryan Shawcross’ family jewels this weekend?

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