Transfer Deadline Day Produces SUPER MEGA SWOOP….. Well….

“QUICK! Make something up!”

Morning, folks.

As much as I could, I kept myself away from Transfer Deadline Day (TDD as I’m going to call it from hereon in). Perhaps inevitably, it was impossible to avoid totally without burying myself in a field somewhere.

In fact, I think I’ll use this moment to mention a wonderful tonic I found myself presented with to counter the whole giddying headache. For those of you unfamiliar with me as a person, I love music. When I say love, I mean LOVE. I don’t favour any particular genre or style, I have wildly eclectic tastes that very much depend on my particular mood at the time.

Around 9.30pm last night I tuned into Craig Hayward‘s Urban Playlist and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. That might sound a touch favourable as Craig is a friend of the Goonersphere Podcast, but I’d highly recommend you all keep up with his Twitter account and tune into future shows. If you’re a fan of that variety of music, you’ll not be disappointed.

So, Arsenal news. Huge transfer revelations…

There wasn’t any. Not a peep. Well… that’s not entirely true. The silence was occasionally pierced by the fluttering of winged bullsh*t. In what I’m sure was a case of, “Hey, it’s quiet! Let’s invent something!” Arsenal were linked to William Carvalho, Morgan Schneiderlin and Moussa Sissoko all within the space of 4 hours.

When in doubt, or facing a catastrophic lack of interest, slimy journalists and their rumour mongering ways will pluck the first popular name from a hat and send it out into cyberspace fully equipped with an imaginary price tag and alleged “source”. None of those deals materialised and I wasn’t the least bit surprised. I’d like to think the vast majority of us scoff at such drivel and pay it no attention. Alas it would appear many found themselves suckered.

I even had a go at inventing my own rumour.

I wasn’t all that well received, but in the face of such spurious avalanches I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try.

The only interesting piece I read was, ironically, some quotes from Thierry Henry suggesting reasons for us not signing anyone. According to the great man, Arsenal’s failure to dip a toe into the icy waters of January/February recruitment was due to the unexpected rise of a Coq (I’m sorry, but I’m far to puerile to be able to resist some form of cheap penis-related joke)

Talking to Sky Sports, Thierry said:

“Maybe if he hadn’t come back and played the way he did recently, Arsene would have gone and bought a defensive midfielder.

“He has been amazing, Arsenal don’t look like they will concede, they can score and he gave everyone protection everybody was talking about.

“Sometimes you look for that player and they are right in front of you. But the guy has matured, he went on loan, and knows he had to perform and he is doing it.”

“What Coquelin does is allow you to go for the player you want in the summer, because in January you go for the player that is available.

“Coquelin allowed Arsene to go for someone he really wants, or if Coquelin does the job really well, he can stay”

Coquelin has done exactly that; given us defensive cover, retaining his position on the pitch with discipline and doing exactly the job required of him. He deserves great credit and I hope he continues to progress and contribute to the team. If that occurs, then I see no reason for him not to sign a new contract and stay within the first time for quite a while.

That’s all for today, folks. It’s time to once again head off to work and get irritated by people. I’d far rather stay here and talk to you all day. The comments await your thoughts on TDD and Coquelin as well as anything else that might me occupying your mind. Feel free to share.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more stuff. Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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3 thoughts on “Transfer Deadline Day Produces SUPER MEGA SWOOP….. Well….”

  1. James your answer to TDD is music mine laughter, once you block out the content in their commentary and start to see the strained, contrived and franticly desperate antics in trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear, it’s a real hoot. The Eleven pm deadline was the best bit of pantomime ever, “oh yes he did, oh no he didn’t ” Finished? not on your life we were treated to the scenario of in the next two hours the undisclosed deals will rock you to the core, personally I couldn’t stand the suspense and went to bed on the happy note that there are only 147 days until the chuckle box opens again.

  2. The way the rumors go , you could convince someone AW is going in for loan deal to bring Lebron to the bpl and send Woijech that way.

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