Transfer news so earth shatteringly amazing, your head may well explode if you click this link (not really).

Brace yourselves…

Morning everyone.

The title is a joke. I thought I’d point that out immediately in case anyone missed “not really” in brackets.

“But James, why would you write such a mendacious headline?”

Because it perfectly captures what surrounds us in the bleak, misty world of Arsenal news. Lovely use of the word ‘mendacious’, by the way. Rummaging through the various outlets in hope of finding stories these days is like attempting to locate the treasure of the Sierra Madre using only a compass and Gervinho. We are promised much by titles, only to be wildly disappointed.

– “Come one, there must be something happening”

Well, there are a few rumours floating about regarding Manchester United’s Thriller extra, Nani. However, most of these revalations appear on less-than reliable sites, so I don’t really see much chance of it happening. £8m for a winger that’s regularly torn our defence a new orifice would be an exceptional bit of business, but I somehow see his current club wanting a little more than that. Especially if his departure involves moving to a rival team.

“So if there isn’t much news, does that mean you’re going to start waffling on about any old nonsense? You’re like my grandmother, she can’t stop talking when silence would be totally acceptable. She also has these alarmingly swollen bunions that cause great distress and her toilet ventures leave me….”

Okay. I think you’ve made your point.

Actually, I am going to keep today’s entry as brief as possible. With a bit of luck, something will materialise this week to kick-start the chattering. When we enter an off-season without a World Cup or European Championship to feed the football demon, things tend to get a little insipid.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day. The fixtures for the 2013/2014 season will be released, so we will at least get to know how our season starts, and when those all important fixtures against the likes of Spurs and Man United take place. We always seem to start a new campaign away from home at either Newcastle or Everton – so it seems to me –  so maybe this time we’ll get a nice starting match hosting a newly promoted side.

We shall see.

That’s where I’m going to leave it. I hope you’ll use the comments to contribute a little something. It’s always nice to hear from the good folks that pop by to read.

As always; thanks for your perusing, you beautiful bastards.

14 thoughts on “Transfer news so earth shatteringly amazing, your head may well explode if you click this link (not really).”

  1. Wenger will not buy big player.

    Arsenal fans can forget about anything huge hapening because the manager is to cheap and we must replace him with a young talent like Villa-Boas

    Arsenal need to be changed for better as we need to win trophies. Wenger must be sold away to PSG or Monaco for the best of all.

  2. Starting away against Newcastle or Everton is fine, as long as we win, so what’s the issue ? we should rather have them both in first two games away for getting the last 3 games of the season at home.
    Will take it any time.
    Give a damn on the schedule anyway, every season 6 of the 7 top clubs complain about the unfavourable fixture list and how much they are up against the odds and how unfair it is and whatever … all irrelevant, all EPL teams pay the same 38 games – fullstop.

  3. Bit early for such long words. Anyway get a grip it won’t be long,and you will have loads to waffle on about. Arsene will sooth your nerves very quickly,only joking! I’m waffling now.,.,.,Getting exited …Bye…

  4. Day 30: Still no sign of life. I increasingly find myself joining the other melodramatics who speak nonsense about AW, and specifically how he wont make any new signings this summer. Do they not understand these things take time, and for the love of god the window doesn’t “officially” open for another 13 days? Wait who am I talking about now?

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