Treat Yourself To Some Arsenal Items With Art Of Football.

Fan clothing up for grabs with Art Of Football

Evening, boys ‘n’ girls.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be considered the sort to adorn myself in Arsenal regalia. I’m far too refined of a human being for such things. Often I’m seen gingerly joining in with rambunctious celebration during the live games I attend and rarely turn up to the Emirates dripping head to toe with official Club merchandise. If you’re familiar with the bloated character from Arsenal Fan TV (his name escapes me) who plasters every square inch of his frame in something Arsenal related you’ll have some measure of my exact opposite.

So it was with genuine surprise I stumbled across Art Of Football – a site dedicated to fresh and innovative merchandise for Arsenal amongst others clubs. In the mood to treat myself, I decided to purchase a t-shirt featuring the glorious image of Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry arm in arm. There’s a picture of me wearing it for those of you eager to see a photograph of me looking slightly intimidating. I’m sorry.

What struck me the most about the wide and varied selection, ranging from hoodies to basic t-shirts like mine, was these weren’t simply items of clothing with an Arsenal crest on them. Scrolling through the site, my boggly eyes scoured across clothing that featured moments from Arsenal’s history, whether that be something simple like the picture of Thierry and Dennis that I chose or the artistically rendered print of Michael Thomas’ famous sprint through the Liverpool defence on that wonderful evening in May, 1989 – featured in the title image for this review.

Now, to some of you this might appear like a cheap attempt to advertise products for personal gain. It is not, delicious reader, I can assure you of that. My intent is simply to point you in the direction of something you may not be aware of and something that is sure to interest most Arsenal fans. Christmas is alarmingly close around the corner and Art Of Football is the perfect place to find something memorable for that special Gooner in your life, or even yourself – especially if you’re anything like me and your Christmas present buying routine invariably descends into buying gifts for yourself and leaving everything else until the last available moment.

So folks, have a look here at the Arsenal themed garments available

I hope you stumble across something that takes your fancy and again, I’m sorry for sharing that photo of me.

Just a quicke this eveni.  I’ll be back again in the next couple of days with something a little more substantial. Until that day, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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