Unhappy Alexis, Inconsistent Ramsey And Some Arsenal Fans Are Idiots.

Morning, folks.

Most of yesterday’s news came in the form of the fallout of the 3-3 at the Vitality Stadium.

Here’s the things folks… I say ‘news’ in that sentence, but what you see isn’t news. It’s speculation. Alexis Sanchez throws down his gloves because he’s frustrated and thousands of stories are circulated about his happiness. Will he move to China for £stupid-per-week? Do Arsenal lack the ambition to keep him? Is he re-thinking signing a new contract? Is Mesut Ozil sick, or is he really wandering around London dressed as RoboCop trying to list his prime directives to terrified cats?

The tall tales are endless. As is the hokum and poppycock. Balderdash.

Yes, I do think Alexis is unhappy. He was visibly furious after the shower of sh*te we offered up for 70 minutes in Bournemouth. That performance all but resigned our title challenge to the toilet, so why wouldn’t he be unhappy? More to the point; wouldn’t you want your players to be furious after that?

It’s all total balls.

Elsewhere, much blame and angry gesticulating has been directed towards Aaron (A-A-RON) Ramsey for his supposed levels of sh*ttery. Many folks out there – not so often the rational ones – seem to think he’s the means to all our misfortune; the reason for all the wrongs; the spanner in the works; the fly in the ointment; the pain in the asre and the personification of all that is evil. In short, A-A-RON is pretty much useless and causes catastrophe the minute he sets foot on the pitch if you chose to believe what you read.

He’s just come back from injury. I actually though he was one of the better performers at Bournemouth. Granted, he wasn’t brilliant by any stretch of the imagination. He was some distance removed. However, others can stake a claim for being far worse. Some people seem to have been born with a target on their back whilst others are totally immune to it.

I stated in the title, SOME Arsenal fans are idiots. That’s SOME of you – not all of you. I would hazard a guess the ones reacting angrily to the title are exactly the people it’s aimed at. I can happily disagree with someone and accept they may find some of the things I say to be erroneous. That’s par for the course. But what I find unfathomably stupid is the anger and hatred. And there’s far, far too much of that out there.

Olivier Giroud took 10 seconds to celebrate scoring the equaliser at Bournemouth. 10 seconds caught up in the moment when he should have been dashing back to the centre circle eager to re-start. 10 seconds that made no difference at all as Bournemouth weren’t exactly busting a lung to get the game underway. Yet, from the reaction of some you’d have assume he was throwing kittens into a fire.

Adrain Clarke summed it up nicely:

The anger directed towards Giroud and others is utterly repugnant. Some people have no business watching football or claiming to support a team if the only thing they glean from watching the game is vitriol and the need to pour it all over the internet. Those people need to have sex. Or see a therapist. Or take up yoga. Or something, anything to put a f*cking smile on their faces.

I’ll leave it there today as I’ve got to head to work. Comments are below. Use ’em. Feel free to share the sh*t our of this post across social media and such as it’s nice, it makes me feel important and leaves a fuzzy glow of warmth. Like Ready Brek for the soul.

I shall return tomorrow with more. Until then, and as always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

4 thoughts on “Unhappy Alexis, Inconsistent Ramsey And Some Arsenal Fans Are Idiots.”

  1. Thanks for putting some perspective into the (so-called) discussion.

    I’d be worried if the players were not upset….good to know they care about the result. But then, if no one was upset, they’d be blamed, so whichever way, there is always and angle on how to paint Arsenal in a bad light.

    I believe all these angry fans stating the title is lost and just getting angry at games should stop coming and put their tickets on the market. There are thousands of fans who would LOVE to see AFC play.

    So why go through the hurt, the frustration, the anger ? Make another fan happy and get a refund.

    1. @Chris: I totally agree. I don’t understand people who only seem to have enthusiasm for moaning and generally being negative. There’s often every reason to feel pissed off when Arsenal underperform, but that shouldn’t ever be solely the emotion you experience.

  2. spot on article!!that’s exactly how i feel about the whole thing the criticism aimed at players,manager,staff is becoming ridiculous, it seems to me that common sense has deserted the majority of our so called fans,very sad state of affairs!!

    1. @FREDERIC: I wouldn’t say it’s the majority – anything but. It’s just a smallish pocket who get the exposure for what they’re doing. With some across social media, exposure and status is the only reason they behave in such a way. They want be be noticed for whatever reason.

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