Walcott, Giroud, M’Vila, England, Sweden and CRAZY bloomin’ transfer fluff.

Theo was delighted to sign another book deal...

Morning, folks.

I was very happy for Theo last night. I’ve said before he can be brilliant and shit-awful in equal measure. I’ve stated many times that I find him extraordinarily frustrating. But I do love him to bits. When things go his way, when his confidence is at a high, he can destroy teams. His pace is astounding, and when he’s got his tail up and using it to full effect, he’s a formidable threat to anyone.

He does have his detractors out there – folks who seem keener to bash players and moan aimlessly than they do offer support. ‘Mourners’, as I like to call them. I believe players are open to fair, and well-concieved criticism – they absolutely should be. Abuse and unwelcome tirades for the sake of attracting attention, or borne from stupidity, are not something I particularly like – that’s an understatement. I can’t abide the severity in which some try to make their ‘points’. It’s one thing to say, “Theo’s been under-performing lately”. It’s an entirely different kettle of fish when you read remarks that go like this;


That isn’t a direct quote – I made it up. I’m sure you get my point.

Because I’ve witnessed Theo – and other Arsenal players – receive such abuse, it made his contribution to England’s victory that little bit more satisfying. He came on, and he made an impact. His goal to equalise was one of those peculiar swerving shots that would have had pundits ejaculating across their studios had Christiano Ronaldo scored it. Whist you could argue that strike had a small element of fortune, his contribution to the winning goal was testament to what damage he can do – acceleration to beat his man, and an excellent cut-back to Welbeck.. Make no mistake; Theo Walcott was the difference between victory and defeat last night.

The performance on the whole by England wasn’t sensational, but it brought with it the same end product; 3 very valuable points. Yes, there are things that need to be addressed, and we all hope Shrek will contribute to making our attacking play more inventive and cutting. On the whole, I was just pleased with a win, and it was an exciting game, wasn’t it? I felt myself getting more an more involved as I went through the entire gamut of emotions.

In the other group game, France fairly easily brushed aside Ukraine, and we got to have a sneak peak at a coupe of those guys rumoured to be headed to Arsenal. Yann M’Vila looks imposing, and I thought Olivier Giroud had a decent burst of pace and touch for a tall fella. But hey, they both still remain speculation.

All the transfer guff doing the rounds does make me laugh at present. Out there in the blogging world, there seem to be a few sites hell-bent of attracting as many hits as they can. You know the ones I mean; those with headlines that yearn to be clicked on – headlines like “Is this the £30m player Arsenal might bid for?”.

I imagine people read that and think, “Crikey! I’d better click on this!” only to discover what lurks beneath the initial intrigue is a re-hased story or some sort of wild concoction with zero truth – mendacious balderdash! In light of such drivel, I’ve made a vow to only discuss rumour and ensure I make anyone reading my blog fully aware that I’m not ‘ITK’, I don’t have insider knowledge and I value the folks that read this site too much to invent something just to see my hit counter go up.

I’m a little sick of moderating nasty comments, anyway…

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. I hope you’ll take a moment to comment.

I shall return tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “Walcott, Giroud, M’Vila, England, Sweden and CRAZY bloomin’ transfer fluff.”

  1. Great blog mate , I’m hoping that Mr W has got a few surprises up his sleeve. I think Giroud will be a done deal and from what I’ve seen of him playing for Montpelier he has similarities to Gomez at Bayern and reading about Podolski playing with Gomez since he was 14 my thinking Is that Podolski’s play could work very well with Giroud. It does worry me re RVP though. If we get Giroud and the tank M’villa we look as though we are starting to show signs of really challenging for the league etc
    RVP staying – Wilshere back – Theo on form-Ox blowing up and a defence getting even more solid with time we will be a force
    Come on you Gooners !!

  2. Well good to see theo nail a few doubters!!
    lets hope he signs a new contract…hopefully under 100k at this stage though 80k is about what i think then then next time round will be his biggy. But he also needs to show some loyalty to a team and manager that stuck by him in tough times…just like a certain Dutch bloke…

    Please some loyalty please!!

    anyway M’Vila looks to have good positional sense and a solid passer, which go along with what i have already seen although it was a brief viewing as it was for giroud!! not enough to reveal anything new on those two although thats probably a good thing to keep the watchful eyes of the Euro’s big spenders away…

    Get them both and i think the window is closed for arrivals…(unless we lose JD or Fabianski then we need their replacements)…and just need to move on the usual suspects that have been named about a trillion times…


  3. Thanks to Walcott for his excellent performance yesterday night that made the England won the game, it was very good finishing from him and i was very for that bcos of stupid things people av said about him. About Giroud and M’villa, i think Arsenal should act fast on these players to bring them to the emirate, so that we fans would have total believe on anything they say at anytime.

  4. I think gettin giroud and. Mvilla would do d team a gtreat job especially at a time like dis where our defennce and attack are lookin gud.

  5. walcott seems to derive pleasure in raising the hope of gooner faithfuls world over and then bringing the hopes crashing down like a game of dominoes, let’s hope this time he has had a change of heart and would provide a teenie weenie bit of consistensy that we all have been dying to see!!! Olivier Giroud! his range of passing, his footwork and the goals he scores with his feet are nothing short of exciting considering his height. Obviously better suited for arsenal’s football than a certain Mar…Cham…whose only instinct in football is with his head- and that doesnt mean he’s a good thinker. what more can I say….. M’Vila!!!!!! hope we can bag’em!

  6. Great blog today mate. I agree on Theo 100%.
    I also agree on the headlines thing. My second to last blog was a lighthearted look at player swaps because of the rumour of Chamakh (plus cash) for Giroud and because it had Giroud in the title I had loads of clicks from news sites but pieces like a recent ode to Ray Parlour on my site and stories about Arshavin on other sites and many more great reads received little attention because of the monsoon of transfer speculation coming from other sites (mostly news sites not blogs).
    It seems readers are more interested in poorly written speculation than they are in being regaled by excellent writers such as yourself and others with real blogging.

    Sorry for the rant. I enjoyed your blog today (as I do every day). Keep it up 🙂

  7. Nice blog Jimbo. Couldn’t agree more with Theo’s detractors especially those in the media that have been affected by irritable Bale syndrome. Theo on his day is one of the most frightening players when running at pace with the ball. Agreed it doesnt always end positively but more often than not he provides a killer ball or scores a fantastic goal ala last night. He’s definitely worth a new contract in the region of £80k at least.

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