Wenger out! Sack the board! Murder the entire first team squad! Arsenal crisis!

Afternoon, you happy souls…

Sunday was a bitter, bitter disappointment, wasn’t it? Of course that question is entirely rhetorical.

The game was poor, with the exception of a select few, our performance was poor. Worst of all, worse than losing to bloody Manchester United is the current feeling I have of resignation; I figured we’d probably lose, and I don’t feel massively upset, aggrieved or hard done by the fact we did. I’m not the only Arsenal fan to profess such a curious state of mind.

But I can’t allow myself to be completely miserable and vitriolic toward the club I support. Like the boos and jeers that greated the substitution of The Ox, it’s only going to have a supremely detrimental effect on things in the long run.

Whilst Robin van Persie has spoken regarding the false claims of any rift between him and the boss, the choice to remove Chamberlain, arguably our best player, just after he’d set up the equaliser and with somebody as out of form as Arshavin still baffles me 3 days later.

Arsene himself has claimed The Ox had been previously ill and had fatigued , but I have to say I saw little or no evidence of this during the game. It is difficult the believe that someone as astute and aware as our manager would just take off our best player for no reason, but at the same time, I struggle see any proof to back up his claims. The thoroughly woeful Theo Walcott was the ideal candidate to be replaced, and if Wenger could see the deficiencies in Djourou’s play enough to remove him at the interval, why not Walcott’s? Theo was breathtakingly shit.

I think it’s simply a choice he made, and one that was incorrect. The worrying thing was the level of supporter unrest. The fans appear to be ready for blood and things could really go sour at the drop of a hat. At this point, we need both unity and stability between fans and players. Whilst supporters who pay good money to watch The Arsenal and have every right to voice concern and dismay, doing so having just equalised in an important game only had a bad influence on the team – especially the already disheartened Arshavin. Save your boos for the final whistle.

Let’s hope the FA Cup can offer a welcome distraction and give us all something to cheer about. And let’s not allow the controversy to overshadow just how good a performance Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain put it. That was a notable plus point, as was young Nico Yennaris.

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10 thoughts on “Wenger out! Sack the board! Murder the entire first team squad! Arsenal crisis!”

  1. It’s obvious wenger is sick,and need a rest. Such rester that will have the likes of Legend Tony replace him,because wenger lacks vision.He fails to strike a good balance between input and output.

    1. As great a player as he was, I shudder at the thought of having Adams managing the club. It might be good to have him around the squad in some capacity, but not as manager. He’s just not got the brains for it, and we would probably end up going backwards, as Liverpool have done this season under dalglish.

  2. In my understanding I think the so call fans have no clue. I remember vividly last summer when they almost killed Arsène Wenger for buying another lad for £12m. In one of the Arsenal Blog they even called Arsène Wenger a paedophile for investing on youths. This same people in less than a year are questioning another decision concerning the lad. He has the report; he knows that the lad cannot continue with the intensity he played with. The lad played with all his might to impress his boss and he did. We don??t want to lose him too early.
    So how can I believe the fans? They got it wrong before and they get it wrong again. It is better to lose 3 points than to lose Alex O C. Think about this and reflect. He was the best on pitch and he was the most tired because of his work rate. I saw his face and I saw the stress and fatigue. The only problem there was not enough quality to replace him on that wing. The only quality I know is Ryo and he was not on the bench.
    Arsenal fans are now getting ridiculous and they make noise in my ear. I distaste every silly act they put on now. Excuse me!!!

  3. The stingy & selfish WENGER claimed dboy OX(18yrs) was tired & nid 2bring inn an experiencd old Rushian captain. Y did he start him,Benayoun,Isrealy capt & Squilasi if futbal is by experience. CONTRADITION! Wenger an advocate of youthfutbal. I says:

    Ref to name above

  4. I don’t know what you guys think but to my mind,that is not important.How many matches that we lost like this?Oh boy,i can’t count.
    The important things is the board.They just don’t want to win trophy.We know how much the profit but we DON’T KNOW how much Wenger can SPEND?Of course,Wenger has the responsible for this but most of all they have to explain what happened in the board.I don’t know if all the money come to their pocket or not.I just want to make sure if the club is really POOR.If so,then ok.I am happy with that because they tried their best.No regret.
    Don’t threaten me by the debt.Everyone has debt,Chelsea,Mu,Juventus,AC Milan,etc.They are big clubs and they have big debt that is normal.But they can easily pay it if the get silverware,we all know that.But why don’t they know?Just because they DON’T WANT to know.They sacked David Dein because he wanted a investor to pay the debt for Arsenal.They kicked Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith for no reason.

    Peter Hill Woods out!Just because he is the son of Samuel Hill-Woods that doesn’t means he can do everything,He doesn’t have the rights to sacked good people for the club.Kroenke out!!He is not an English person,he is just like Tom Hicks,make the club in heavy debt and no siging good players!!!

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