Where’s that super-duper, incredible and sensational deal?

Waiting, waiting, waiting. But nothing happened.

Morning lovelies.

48 hours has been and gone, and the mega deal alleged to be happening by Sky Sports is yet to materialise. Perhaps there is a slight delay on account of the weekend. Cheques do need a certain amount of working days to pass in order to be cleared…

Waiting for us Monday morning could be news so astonishing, our collective minds will melt and ooze from our nostrils. Arsenal fans the world over will be nothing more than flabbergasted zombies shambling about the streets offering bemused passers-by random grunts and howls of excitement.

Alternatively, the whole thing could just have been poppycock, which is the theory I am more inclined to believe. Signings will come in time, there may even be a couple that make us sit up and take notice, but I’m unable to really put too much faith in anything truly breathtaking happening. Of course, I do absolutely hope that I’m proven to be wrong.

As you may have already surmised from my rambling, there isn’t a plentiful bounty of Arsenal news to get my teeth into today. The only real story of note surrounds the egotistical enigma that is Nicklas Bendtner. In a move to rival the Hitlers’ decision to have a child named Adolf in terms of foolishness, Arsenal are prepared to let the self-proclaimed greatest striker in the known universe leave, and he’s confirmed it will be soon:

“I am talking with five or six clubs at the moment over a permanent transfer

“Things are agreed with Arsenal and I will decide which club I sign for in the next two weeks.”

Quite what will happen now is difficult to comprehend. Loosing such a figure of inspiration leaves our club in tatters and facing devastation we may never recover from. Fans will become hopeless, children will stay at home locked away in tearful solitude, and our chances of goals have dropped drastically. I’m personally having immense difficultly typing these words such is the overwhelming feeling of dread and dismay.

In all seriousness, I couldn’t care less that he’s leaving. Bendtner was nothing more than a carthorse, and a spectacularly arrogant one, too.  Far be it from me to critique the prowess of a professional footballer, but I’ve seen the Dane misses chance I could have buried without any legs. Or eyes. Or arms. Or functioning faculties. And I wouldn’t have chewed gum with an enormous smile on my face if I did miss them. Or worn any of those fucking silly hats…

He will not be missed by me in the slightest, and I’d seriously question whether there is actually a queue of clubs willing to pay his ludicrous wages. The sooner he’s off our payroll, the better.

I could continue with disparaging remarks and general wittering, but I think I’ll quit whilst I’m ahead and leave today’s post here. The comments await you below, please feel free to share your favourite Nicklas Bendnter moment with everyone. I shall certainly look forward to reading some of those.

Tomorrow morning will bring more fluff ‘n’ stuff. Until then; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

11 thoughts on “Where’s that super-duper, incredible and sensational deal?”

  1. Where’s the Super duper deal? It’s gone away. …. away with the fairies. Season ticket renewals is what the club want not star players!

    1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a stranger to cynicism when it comes to Arsenals transfer murmurings, however season ticket renewals are done and dusted already this year. I actually feel like there might be light at the end of the tunnel and we may start to see some reward for the austere 8 years we’ve endured. I’m not saying we’re going to splash out £50 mill on Cavani but at least bring in some quality! We will see…

  2. Why do these no mark Marks bother to comment . I know he has his opinion but for fuck sake support spurs!!! Love your frustratedness . New word??? Cheers…

  3. Pink boots and: “If you ask me if I am one of the best strikers in the world, I say yes because I believe it.”

    He would be one hell of the striker if he was actually scoring goals but then again, same goes for Kaba Diawara.

  4. Favourite bendtner moment gotta be when adebayour beat him up only fing of note i can remember him for

  5. 45 goals in 79 starts. Sure some of those come in 79 sub appearances too but if you take into account that many of those sub apps were less than 10 minutes and many of his starts resulted in him being substituted, his actual goals per minute ratio is on par with henry and wright. Now I am not saying he is anywhere near their quality but he has a similar ratio for denmark. His loan spells at juventus and sunderland were not as successful but I actually think if he ditch his off field antics and curb his arrogance he could still carve out a decent career. Obviously that should not be at arsenal as things have gone too far and we need to have strikers above the levels that we currently have. Higuain rooney villa cavani and may be ba who I understand is available again for me are slightly better than our current striker giroud. I am not including theo and poldi as it is clear they are better as support strikers playing left and right of the main striker. Wenger plays with 4 attacking players and I want to see us with 8 top class players fighting for those positions. Walcott cazorla podolski giroud chamberlain wilshire rosicky plus one of the 4 mentioned above will give us those options. If we can land cesc as well then wilshire could drop back or we simply have 9 options giving chamberlain and rosicky less match time to consider their ages regarding hurn out and fatigue.

  6. Bendtner was just undisciplined and Wenger was unable to discipline him.

    Go watch him in Euro ’12, the man was the equivalent of 3 players and he covered a whole opposition half of the pitch tirelessly and dangerously.

    Wenger just couldn’t handle him and like atid very correctly points out, 45 goals in 79 games, most of them as a sub, is excellent. Too many fans just jump on the bandwagon and repeat what other fans say about Bendtner, but those other fans are also just repeating what they’ve heard … instead of writing what they’ve seen. Nobody who has watched Bendtner play would say Podolski, Giroud and Walcott last season played through the middle anywhere near as good as Bendtner would have done.

    It’s a big shame Wenger is not a better man manager. If he was, players like Bendtner wouldn’t be thrown on scrap heaps to hide his failings. Wenger is a crap tactician, crap at man management and because of this, a pretty poor manager. What he’s doing is waiting and hoping for the same magical formula of disciplined players to fall into place … yet what he isn’t factoring is those teams had a decent captain doing his job for him. At the start he had Adams, then he had Vieira ,,, and we’ve had no captain in the team since. There’s nobody to discipline players so they either get dropped or put on the bench or loaned out … brushed under the carpet in other words.

    Bendtner was just mis-managed and deserted in the end. No way was he a bad striker.

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