Wilshere called up, January strikers, Walcott’s contract and emergency blogging

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A bored me.

Afternoon folks.

I’m blogging from work today. Don’t I look bored? Events in my, shall we say, ‘social agenda’ prevented me from providing you with a full and proper post this morning, so I’m taking these quiet moments as an opportunity to put things right. In the event of emergencies, I’m only too happy to neglect my gainful employment for you guys. I hope you all appreciate it…

Without further ado, I shall move onto Arsenal stuff.

The England squad has been announced, and our very own Jack Wilshere is included. I’m not happy. There’s a very simple equation that invariably applies here: Arsenal player + pointless international friendly = catastrophic injury.. Selecting Jack is foolhardy and unnecessary.

I understand that our midfield dynamo is an important cog in the future of the
England machine. He’s a fantastic player. That said, he’s still finding his feet after a huge period on the sidelines. He looked fatigued after 70 minutes against Schalke and he’s still some distance from being fully match fit. There is nothing to be gleaned in playing him against Sweden when he has important games in an Arsenal shirt to come.

Elsewhere there is the usual talk surrounding Theo and January transfers. Walcott’s contract looks less likely to be signed as the days pass, and those speculative individuals amongst the media don’t miss a trick when it comes to attracting attention.

Some have you believe we are looking at Wilfried Zaha as a replacement as Theo wanders out of the door to Liverpool – which would be a huge step down. Others seems confident he’ll sign on the dotted line once his financial and positional requirements are met, and that’s all he’s really holding out for.

Personally, I think we might lose him. Arsenal have a terrible habit of mismanaging contracts. In truth, it should never have been allowed to get to this stage with Theo, but it has. A swift resolution is best for all parties concerned, and it can’t be allowed to drag into January.

That’s all for today, folks. I’d better look lively and do something mildly productive. The comments are below, let me know a few of your thoughts!

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

8 thoughts on “Wilshere called up, January strikers, Walcott’s contract and emergency blogging”

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  2. Sad but true:
    Wilshere : gets injured while playing for England
    January : Arsenal are linked with many players but end up “narrowly” missing out on any of their targets.They will get a promising youngster from France though!
    God save Arsenal.

  3. Any news on when Wenger’s contract is expiring??? Do you think we should let him go and give Theo an increase? After all he gets paid 7mil per year.

  4. You speak wise words when you say – on North London is Red – we’ve got to get behind the team and support them on the field, however angry we are with the board for its lack of ambition. Come on you gunners!

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